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$23 Million In Verdicts And Settlements In The Last 5 Years

At The Mitchell Firm, we are pleased to announce that in 2015 we passed a benchmark in verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims. We are truly humble and excited that we are able to represent and exceed the expectations of our clients who deserve just compensation for their injuries caused by the harm of others.

  • 18-Wheeler Collision

    $1 Million

    Our client was performing his job duties when his vehicle stopped near a construction site. Right after he stopped, an 18-Wheeler struck his vehicle in the rear, causing our client to have multiple injuries. Thanks to the aggressive representation of our attorneys, we were able to achieve just compensation for his injuries. Intelligently and aggressively fighting for our clients is what we do best.

  • Breach Of Contract Claim


    The Mitchell Firm recovered over $251,000 on behalf of a food services client due to the breach of a commercial contract. The client held an exclusive food services contract with a local university, which the university violated. A settlement was reached on behalf of the food services provider, compensating our client for its loss and holding the university responsible for its improper conduct. This was a very favorable settlement that cost our client a minimal expense.

  • Breach Of Oil And Gas Lease

    $5.1 Million

    Founding partner, Jesse Mitchell, and his team headed to Washington D.C. after a well-known oil and gas exploration company approached them to file a $30,000,000 breach of contract case against the United States of America Bureau of Land Management. The Mitchell Firm agreed to represent the company on a contingency-fee basis (meaning that the client had a to pay a percentage of the recovery to The Mitchell Firm, only if The Mitchell Firm prevailed). After a hard fought battle in the Federal Court of Claims (steps away from The White House), The Mitchell Firm emerged victorious. Below is a picture of Mr. Mitchell and his clients, in front of The White House, moments after they were able to reach a successful settlement with the Federal Government.

  • Commercial Client Against Insurance Company


    The Mitchell Firm was called on to recover over $350,000 on behalf of a construction commercial client after one of its properties was destroyed by fire. Our client’s insurance company wrongfully denied our client’s insurance claim, and The Mitchell Firm was called in to represent them against the insurance company. Once The Mitchell Firm was hired, the insurance company agreed to settle the matter within 90 days.

  • Commercial Wrongful Death


    The Mitchell Firm was able to recover almost $1 million on behalf of the family who lost their loved one killed as a result of a commercial driver vehicle collision. While performing work for his employer, the driver at fault fell asleep at the wheel and collided with her vehicle. The Mitchell Firm was able to secure a settlement on behalf of the clients, holding both the driver and his company liable for the costs, as wells as the loss suffered by the deceased’s family.

  • Injured Motorcyclist


    Our client, a motorcyclist, was injured when a commercial driver suddenly turned left in front of him. The Mitchell Firm attorneys were able to obtain a settlement amount of $230,000 for our client before filing a lawsuit.

  • Investor Funds


    The Mitchell Firm was hired by over fifty investors from New York, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, and New Jersey to file a Class-Action lawsuit against a large New York mono-line bond insurance company. When the company refused to pay out millions of dollars in secondary bond insurance proceeds after the original bond issuer in South Carolina defaulted, The Mitchell Firm entered the battle to recover these insurance proceeds for its clients. A settlement was reached in this high-stake litigation that returned all promised payments to all of The Mitchell Firm’s clients as well as other bondholders throughout the nation.

  • Premises Liability


    Our clients, a young couple, was collectively attacked, raped, and robbed in the parking lot of an apartment complex. The complex chose to disregard security measures that would protect its tenants and guests from harm. They knew of previous violent crimes that occurred on its property but refused to inform or warn its tenants, to protect all from harm. The Mitchell Firm worked tirelessly in holding the management company of this apartment complex accountable for its choice to ignore the safety of its tenants and guests. The resulting award of $2,000,000 will go toward helping our clients rebuild their life.

  • Product Liability

    Recall Product


    A young man was injured by a defective product of a company that manufactures lawn equipment. This company had known of multiple previous incidents where the product in question had injured individuals. However, once the young man and his family turned to our law firm for help, we immediately and aggressively worked on the client’s behalf to obtain a recovery for his injuries and damages. Furthermore, under the leadership of Attorney Douglas Adams and The Mitchell Firm, not only did the company resolve the case; it also issued a national recall on these dangerous machines. There is no way to know exactly how many people were saved because this recall was demanded and ultimately issued.

    Our goal remains simple. To fight aggressively for our clients in a manner that makes this world a better and safer place for us all.

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More Than $23 Million Recovered In Verdicts & Settlements In The Last Five Years

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